About Us

Expert Industrial Security Services of India was established in October 1989. We strive to provide full-proof and high-quality security services to Industries, Establishments & Business Houses. We take great pride in our work and boast a highly-efficient & dedicated team of professionally trained staff. EISSI is the premier organization providing quality security services in Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand. We employ a large number of trained & experienced civilians in the field of security services along with Ex-servicemen(military & paramilitary) in various ranks. EISSI has its own intelligence system to gather first hand information to take timely corrective action & eliminate the risk of adverse eventualities.

We guarantee of providing 100% efficient quality service to our clients and ensure that our employees do not have any sort of link with any trade union activity and indulge into anti organizational activities.

Our Core Value Strategy

Growth and Innovation

Operational Excellence

Long-term Customer Relationships

Financial Discipline
Stringent Contract and Investment

Recruit, Develop and Deploy the Best Personnel

Administration & Control

 We deploy security guards in the field for smooth operation of the client’s organizational structure. We also make elaborate arrangements for frequent surprise inspections and security checks.

Liasion Cell

Headed by a competent professional we collaborate with local police and District Administration.

Skill Rotation Cell

We strictly follow an internal transfer & skill rotation policy under which security personnel are transferred from one unit to another. It eliminates the chances of security guards getting into a comfort zone and neglecting their responsibilities.

Professional Heirarchy

Our security personnel do not approach the clients for their grievances. The grievances, if any are handled by the supervisor in charge posted on-site.

On-Going Training

Throughout their tenure our security personnel posted on-site remain under our direct control. The firm holds frequent training sessions and drills, it enables the employees to remain focused and keeps their skills sharp and consistent.